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At Ripen, we’re all about uncovering and activating brand potential.


We believe potential (from the Latin potentia meaning, “power, might, force”) lives in the unique value a brand brings to the world. With the right insight and strategy, you can leverage this force to inspire action, affect change, and create growth.

We’re dedicated to helping brands uncover their distinct value and developing smart, effective strategies for bringing that value into the world.


Creating a better client experience is integral to our mission. We founded Ripen Branding with two important objectives in mind:

  1. Make top-tier brand strategy accessible to clients who are looking for a more efficient and effective approach

  2. Provide clients with the partnership continuity they crave but aren’t getting from today’s project based agency model


Having worked with some of the world’s most sophisticated marketers and branding agencies for over 20 years, we know that smart and effective doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. It’s why our approach is collaborative and flexible, allowing us to craft strategic solutions that fit your timeline and budget.


We want our clients to believe in partnership again! That's why we guarantee you'll work with the senior level team you signed up with and our service-based model provides long-term continuity and proactive engagement.



Susan Federspiel


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