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One simple way to elevate your brand

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

A shift in perspective can help your brand thrive.

I recently engaged in a brand positioning initiative with a B2C company in the energy sector.

In interview after interview, not a single company leader or company stakeholder was able to articulate what made their brand unique in the marketplace. They spoke about the myriad commodity products they offered or about a recently launched rewards program, but not a single one could say why the brand they championed every day had a compelling reason to exist.

Being unable to separate their brand from the products and services they sold was holding them back.

Uncovering A New Launching Point When I shifted the conversation to talk about why they worked there, what the culture was like, what made them stay and devote their time and energy to the company, the floodgates opened. What I heard were stories of people who loved coming to work every day, enjoyed the teams they were working with, loved being challenged by a management team that supported them and opened doors for them to explore new challenges and new roles, loved building and creating solutions that had a positive impact on their customers and the environment.

What I heard was a brand that was deeply rooted in HOW they operated to better serve their customers.

Shifting Perspective Opens New Possibilities

One of the things I love the most about brand positioning projects is witnessing the ‘aha’ moment when my clients realize that their brand is not the same things as the product or service they sell, but lives above them and provides meaning and purpose to employees, customers, and investors. I love seeing the look of liberation on their faces and hearing their excitement about what this means for employee engagement, messaging, sales, investor relations, and customer experience.

If you're stuck on the idea that your brand and your product or service are one and the same, shift your perspective. Think about the how, who, or why behind your brand and you will likely find fertile territory for your brand to differentiate and thrive.

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